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Est time. 10 min

Entry - Mid Level

Experience Customer Success

Go beyond the job description and try on the day-to-day activities of a Customer Success Manager to see if it’s the right fit. Join our fun exploratory job simulation to experience and learn about new paths

How does this work?

1. Kickoff with your host
2. Launch day-in-the-life
3. Try three common scenarios
4. Choose your path
5. Review with your host

*Note: all of your answers and information will be kept confidential

About your host

Zahara Felter

Head of Customer Success

Zahara has been a customer success manager for 8 years and specialises in onboarding. She has lead and mentored team in tech.

What to expect

This simulation takes 5-10 minutes and is made of three prompts. At the end the host will review your choices and walk you though their thinking.

What you will experience

Try on core responsibilities on your own time in a safe space without judgement or evalution.

New Client Onboarding

Sample how-to smoothly prepare to take on and guide a new client who is using your software.

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