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Customer Success take home assignment - Creating a renewals email memo

Here's a brief explainer

The renewal process is about perceived value + positive experience.
Here are ways to reinforce that in a memo:

↓ Greet the customer and contextual message

Hi Dara,
It’s been 6 months since you started using Edtech. I wanted to say thank you for being our customer. I’d love to connect and see how you like it, what we can improve, and how we can continue to help you meet your goals. Also, I reviewed your recent survey and prepared some insights below. We can discuss these areas in more detail when we connect. Please let me know a good time to meet.

Thank you,

↓ Reinforce what is working:

Insights from the survey:

It’s great to see the software has increased your ability to develop IEPs based on your students needs! This is a core part of our value proposition and we want to ensure we can maintain this next year. 

Also great to see the software is helping your accurately monitoring student progress and how they are tracking to their goals. This is the foundation for improving student learning successfully.

Let’s ensure we keep these two areas up to your satisfaction

↓ Provide support for areas you know they need more help::

I’d love to discuss more ways we can support you in writing present level statements and standards. We recognize these can be nuanced processes and I want to share a few self-guided resources with you here that can help:

Tutorial on writing present level statements [make these links]

Tutorial on writing standards [make these links]

↓ Introduce new value add:

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on writing present level statements and standards, which is why next year we are planning on rolling out a template library. The goal here is to cut down the time and improve the accuracy here for teachers like yourself. I would love to give you a demo when we come together.

Please let me know if there are other topics you’d like to cover when we connect.

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