Head of Operations

Role Focus

This role is about efficiently guiding and managing multiple internal and external cross-functional teams to efficiently execute a product or service. The goal is to optimize internal and external return on investment.

What Does This Role Do?

Operations managers are in charge of running the main business of the organization. They ensure that the business is running smoothly from an operations standpoint. They make sure that the processes in place produce the necessary output by implementing quality control measures. They also manage finances and ensure that there is enough budget to keep the operations of the business running. They also ensure that the production of goods or services is cost-efficient. Operations managers also handle people-related concerns. They are responsible for interviewing candidates, choosing the ones to hire, and ensuring that individuals assigned to operations are properly trained.

Core Skills

Leadership, Relationship Management, Business Acumen, Project Management, Organizationals skills, Excellent presentation skills and presence, Analytical and data-driven

Transferable skills

Administration - Oversight of budget, financial systems, and ensuring quality control across multiple stakeholders

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