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Get started by selecting a pivot track where you and your peer cohort will meet once a week over the course of 6-weeks.

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Select a path to explore

Choose from 1 of the 8 paths we support-ranging from Product Management to Content Strategy

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Get matched with a peer cohort

Meet a group of people also exploring a career shift and get the emotional and tactical support along the journey with weekly check-ins based on your schedule


Get guided with weekly career transition sprints and coaching

Get tactical, step-by-step help on how to build a network, identify companies that match your values, and move through the interview process. Weekly access to career shift experts.

What does else does this program include?

Mentorship Materclass Sessions

Learn from people that have already made the career pivots you are looking to make. Get inspired by their story, learn what day-to-day skills the role requires and, get practical advice on how to pivot.

Transferable skills analysis

Review our customized skills analysis report that shows you exactly how your skills translate to your new role, how to position them, and which skill gaps to focus on addressing.

Expert advice from Zeit coaches

Get two, 1:1 coaching sessions with Zeit coaches and receive always on support from Zeit coaches in the community Slack group.

Community of non-linear career paths professionals

Expand your network by meeting new people with eclectic skills and backgrounds that support you before and after a career transition.

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Join a dedicated cohort today and unlock unlimited access to Zeit’s resources and community, for life. Program lasts 6-week and is all remote.

Applications due:

July 9th


July 19th


$350 one-time fee, 
lifetime membership to Zeit

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Pivot Tracks We Currently Support

Product Manager

If you are obsessed with solving problems and shipping products with cross-functional teams this role is for you.

Customer Success Manager

If you have a deep love for a product or service, and love working with customers to help them get the very most out of it, this role is for you.

Content Strategist

If you’re an expert storyteller with strong writing skills and experience in multimedia content creation, this is the role for you.

Product Marketing Manager

If you love deriving insights across various sources to express the value proposition, with the goal of growing or retaining customers, this role is for you.

Community Manager

If you’re a people person who loves building organic connections and working directly with end users, you’d make an ideal community manager.

Product Operations

This is an ideal role for highly organized people with a passion for improving processes.

UX Researcher

If you love finding patterns in data, researching complex problems, and deeply understanding your user base, you’re likely to thrive in this role.

Data Analyst

This is a great role for technically-minded people with experience in statistical programming and database management.

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