< Sprint 3: How to Approach Networking

Step 1

Setting a Goal

We recommend spending 5 minutes on this section.

As you get organized, it's important to have a goal in mind.

Take a few minutes to think about the new roles you're looking for and when you'll be ready to start looking for them. Is this an unusually stressful or busy time in your life? Are you juggling lots of personal and professional obligations? That's okay. You're in this for the long haul – there's no need to rush things. Whether you're ready to start your new job next month or next year – what really matters is starting the process at a time when you're ready to give it your all. So, take out a Post-It and set an intention for yourself using the below framework.

Intention Exercise

My goal is to make a shift into [enter the role/shift type] by [enter a month/day/year] here. This is my specific goal is because [enter a milestone or reason why this specific date—post bonus, post promotion, etc]. I will strive to achieve this goal by committing [x hours] a [timeframe per day, per week].

Key Reflections

Who are some of the people in your life that can cheer you on to achieve this goal/deadline?

What are some of the external factors to be mindful of as you set to achieve this goal?

What are the 1-3 things you are doing to do for self-care as you strive to achieve this goal?