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Peer Cohort Program

Discovery Path Program

Gain clarity and momentum.

Who is this for?
I don't know where to start and need help identifying the role, company, and industry

6 live, guided career path discovery and skill reflection workshops

2, 1:1 coaching sessions

Zeit Career Pathway Analysis

Access to a peer cohort and community of career pivoters

6-week remote program

6 spots left - April 27th Kickoff

Peer Cohort Program

Positioning Program

Get strategic and translate your skills

Who is this for?
I need help with everything from identifying to positioning my transferable skills

6 live, guided workshops, on confidence building, resumes,   interview practice, and more

2, 1:1 coaching sessions

Zeit’s Personalized Transferable Skills Report + Digital Playbooks on networking, interviews, and more

Access to a peer cohort and community of career pivoters

6-week remote program

Currently full

I landed a new job! Zeit has been the resource to bridge the gap between Consulting and Customer Success. Access to the positioning resources, network, and peer community has been very beneficial. Cannot recommend Zeit enough for anyone looking to make the jump!
Sierra N.
Pivoted from Consulting to Customer Success
Thank you so much for the pep talk and tips! HOLY MOLY that was the most perfect interview. Went over an hour!
Melanie M.
Pivoted from Marketing to Brand Manager
Zeit gave me a huge boost in my career change process, helping me identify my transferrable strengths and craft a CV that reflects those. It also provided me with an amazing community, resources and insights that together are all contributing to my progress and perseverance on this quest.
James C.
Pivoted from Strategist to Product Manager
Zeit's Transferable Skills Analysis is incredibly helpful. The whole experience is just so approachable. Zeit's secret sauce is empathy and knowing what it's like to pivot careers firsthand. They make you feel supported and ramp up quickly.
Armond C.
Pivoted from Marketing to Brand Manager
Having the Zeit lifelines was HUGE for nailing my at home assignments. I needed to get out of my head and get an outside expert perspective. Their feedback was pivotal in me nailing those offers.
Alex A.
Pivoted from Teaching to UX Research
I recommend Zeit for anyone who is looking for a career pivot. The support of the community, masterclass sessions, and strategy templates make it easier to plan and manage your career! I will continue being a member of this community forever—to celebrate successes and overcome difficult moments together!
Jessica T.
Pivoted from Customer Research to Product Marketing

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