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How to Break Into Data Analytics with Aysu @ Squarespace

Aysu has an incredible career path ranging from User Research to Data and Analytics in higher education, Etsy, and now Squarespace.

How to Break Into Product Operations with Shradha @ Twilio

Shradha has an eclectic path into Product Ops starting off in Finance, being a Chief of Staff at eBay and now in Product Operations at Twilio.

How to Break Into Product Management with Kelly @ Stripe

Kelly is a seasoned product leader with experience at Stripe, Google, and pivoted into product from design and innovation consultancy, IDEO.

How to Break Into Content Strategy with Katie @ Shopify

Katie is a brilliant Content Strategy leader with a background in marketing, copywriting and recently pivoted from CS to Product Design.

How to Break Into Data Analytics with Nami @ Google

Nami has years of leadership experience in Data and Analytics across a diverse set of industries including retail, advertising agencies, and now Google.

How to Break Into Product Operations with Alana @ Flatiron Health

Alana is a skilled Product Operations Manager and pivoted into Ops from an eclectic background in sales and business development.

How to Break Into User Research with Benjanmin @ Figma

Benjamin has a wide range of UX Research experience from working at small design consultancies such as IDEO to major organizations such as Amazon, and now fast growing start-up, Figma.

How to Break Into Product Marketing with Cassie @ Cockroach Labs

Cassie is a strategic product marketer and skilled writer who pivoted into marketing from Account Executive role at a PR company.

How to Break Into UX Research with Janelle @

Janelle is a thought leader and incredible executive in UX Research and Design industry. Her experience at places like Forrester and Nielsen led to a pioneering path at

How to Amplify Your Soft Skills When You Lack Hard Skills with Product Leader, Mindy Zhang

Mindy is an incredible product leader and career coach with experience at top tech firms such as Microsoft, Dropbox, and Oscar Health.

How to Break Into Customer Success with Cairo @ Cutback Coach

Cairo is a seasoned leader in Customer Success at places like Lane and now Cutback Coach. She also co-runs a CS community called, Thrive.

How to Break Into Customer Success with Katie Starer @ Pokemon Go

Katie is a seasoned leader in Customer Success at Operations from places such as Casper, MIRROR, and currently Pokemon Go.

How to pivot with confidence with Arielle Shnaidman

Arielle is a transformational career coach with expertise in marketing, personal brand building, and coaching early stage founders.

How to quantify your accomplishments with Daniel Lorenzo

Daniel is a seasoned expert in professional presentation. He shares his insights working at famous resume writing company, Let's Eat, Grandma.

How to Talk Technical When You are Not Technical with Pavan @ Dropbox

Pavan is a dynamic engineering leader and cross-functional collaborator with experience at top companies such as Bloomberg, Facebook, and Dropbox.

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