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Targeting Prospects

A great EAE will take a portfolio approach leveraging each of these sales strategies but given the timing constraint, it’s best to rely on a personalized and referral-based approach. Thought leadership content and events are great strategies that may have a more mid to long-term impact.

Strategic Prioritization
Sales Mindset
Identifying Opportunities

Upsell an enterprise client

Close a deal

While it's not worth the time and effort to fly overseas to meet in person. You still need a thorough process to build out the value proposition before discussing the price. Be sure to prioritize how you spend your time, and money, to close the deal.

Client Relationship Management

When a client is under the gun, immediately pick-up the phone and call them to troubleshoot. The next step is to relay the issues back to the product team.

Relationship Management
Persuasive Communication
Problem Solving

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