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Creating Insights Using Data

While your customers may have all the data available to them, they may not see the impact of using Goalbooks as a product. It's your job to weave together a story so that when it's decision-time to renew during budgeting meetings, they feel confident they have the information to back up their decision.

Synthesis and Insights
Qualitative Research
Data Analysis
Sales Mindset

Leveraging Data to Take Action

As a Customer Success Manager, you want to be a "thought partner" with your districts not only in implementation but also continue to support districts in tricky situations.

Synthesis and Insights
Problem Solving
Data Analysis
Persuasive Communication

Using Data to Influence

Targeted training from the CSM can help teachers feel more confident in using the product. As a CSM it's your focus for looking at and interpreting data should be on how to retain your users

Synthesis and Insights
Relationship Management
Anticipating and Predicting Problems
Data Analysis

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