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Use Data to Vet New Drivers

In this role, you'll be the ultimate Ivee Ambassador and gatekeeper to which drivers are ideal for Ivee. Not only will you vet drivers, but you'll also be in charge of setting them up for success and helping them adopt the product and problem-solve any issues.

Respond to driver feedback

Drivers using Ivee are either currently driving or in between rides. Communication that is clear can be challenging. When responding be concise and action-oriented. Help drivers understand the value of Ivee and collect any feedback. Sharing insights from feedback will be key to the health of the product.

Identify Problematic Drivers

Looking at driver engagement data will help you understand whether drivers are successfully using Ivee. From their usage data you will be monitoring their usage health and taking action based on what you may be deducing. You're their number one point of contact.

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