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Technical Troubleshooting

Part of being a great Customer Success Specialist is being the first line of support. Pick up the phone to let the TA know you are here to support and you can better understand what caused the issue so you can resolve it on your own or get the appropriate help.

Cultivating Relationships

Clients thrive on strong examples and metrics. Once you identify pockets of opportunity leverage case studies and examples to help illuminate how this can help improve the client’s outcomes and day to day. A key part of Customer Success is being prepared to educate clients on how and why whey can get more of out the MH products.

Synthesizing Data and Insights

The product, with some additional support, can help professors feel more confident in this skill. Targeted training from the CSM can help professors feel more confident in using the product to help write goals. The core focus here should be on using this data to understand how to retain your users.

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