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Researching New Prospects

A great SDR knows where to look to build their list. Linkedin Sales Navigator can help you pinpoint your target person fast as well as clues in how to personalize your outreach.

Strategic Prioritization
Sales Mindset
Identifying Opportunities

Prioritizing Leads

Prioritizing leads should address whether they hit the target company profile, a significant deal size, and the ability to connect with a ICP there.

Outreach Strategy

Personalize Outreach approach is best when cold prospecting, when you have an existing relationship that can refer you with a warm introduction, that is often a more effective and quicker way to get a meeting.

Data Analysis
Problem Solving
Strategic Prioritization

Getting to the decision maker

To reach the SMO, the Head of Brand is generally easier to get a hold of than the Chief Marketing Officer, and reports directly to the CMO. They also will understand the pain points that exist within the department and get excited about the Desygner solution as it will help them in their day-to-day lives. As an SDR, you can book a demo with the Head of Brand, and our Account Executive will be able to leverage them as an internal champion to provide them with valuable insights about the organization and influence to decision maker.

Relationship Management
Persuasive Communication
Problem Solving

Perfect your pitch

Pitching the value of your product to a client is a core skill that any SDR needs to perfect.

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