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Customer Success take home assignment - Creating a renewals email memo

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You're a Customer Success Manager at an edtech software company and it’s time to dive into renewals! Your customer has been with you for 6 months now. This is a good milestone to start prompting the renewal process, that will officially come up at 12 months. The purpose of the renewal process is to have your customer commit for another year, and potentially upsell or cross-sell new products and services now that you better understand their needs. Let’s give it a try.

You receive the below survey results from your clients from the 6-month feedback process. Additionally, your company just released a new product set that you know can address some of the pain points they mentioned. Take a look at the below data.

Teacher Experience Survey Results

New Subscription feature overview

Your task:

Draft up an email memo to your client to set the stage for a check in conversation about renewals and potential up-sell opportunities. This email memo will help tee up a conversation about why the customer should renew the product and consider upgrading to new products your company offers.

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