Gain clarity and momentum.

Discovery Path Program

This is a 6-week program, with a mixture of independent digital course work, interactive group workshops, and 1:1 coaching.

Next Kickoff: Wed., Jan 19th


Discovery Path Program

This is a 6-week program, with a mixture of independent digital course work, interactive group workshops, and 1:1 coaching.

6 live, guided career path discovery and skill reflection workshops

3, 1:1 coaching sessions

Zeit Career Pathway Analysis

Zeit’s personalized Pivot Compass

Access to a peer cohort and community of career pivoters

Next Kickoff: Wed. January 19th
This is for you if:
You don't know where to start and need help identifying the role, company, and industry
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By the end of 6-weeks you will gain...

Clarity about the skills and pathways you want to focus on next in your career and why

Definition on the type of role, company culture, industry, and company size you envision for yourself

Inspiration and clarity into what your future role is like and the specific style role to target based on your skills and interests

Insight and support on how to translate and pitch your transferable experience

New peer connections to support you pre and post career pivot

Discovery Path Program

Next Kickoff: January 19th

What our community is saying...

This is exactly what I need. I’m ready to make a shift but I don’t know what to look for or what it’s called. This program is perfect for answering that question.
Auren A., Zeit Member
This is like weekly career therapy—it’s great!
Jaime L., Zeit Member
The Discovery Program helped lead me from feeling like I was floundering to having a firm idea of what path forward I want to take, and it provided me with the tools and support to move forward. I know that I have a community in Zeit that I can really rely on.
Janine S., Zeit Member
As I embarked on this roller coaster ride towards non-linear paths, Zeit provided me resources, connections, mentorship, and an amazing support system to set me up for success. I highly recommend Zeit to anyone looking to make the process of pivoting in your career a less painful and more joyful experience.
Ash, Zeit Member
It has been a long journey of trying to make this pivot into tech. I could not have done it without Zeit—the masterclasses truly helped instill a foundation of transferable skills that led me to where I am today.
Ally N., Zeit Member

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Who should apply?


Our programs are designed for people that want to switch roles, industries, or both by leveraging their transferable skills. We're specifically great for people that need help getting started. Maybe you have a few hunches around roles or industries you want to explore, and are committed to investing time to gain clarity and build momentum for yourself.

What is the time commitment and when are the live sessions?


Did you know "Zeit" means time? We believe time is the most valuable thing we have in life, and want our members to spend it meaningfully. Our program is designed to accommodate people's professional and post-pandemic social lives :) We recommend planning for 2-3 hours a week for program content and sessions.

Weekly Digital Pivot Sprints - Review digital sprint resources, frameworks, and templates at your own pace once a week. Spend roughly ~30 mins doing the exercises before the weekly check in.

Discuss sprints live with your cohort over video - Come together with your cohort and Zeit coach over video to review weekly sprint material, do group exercises, and ask questions. The check-ins will be once a week for 1-hour. They are either Tuesdays or Wednesday between 7pm-9pm EST based on what works best for your cohort. We recommend you attend each check-in but they will be recorded if you cannot attend.

1:1 coaching session with Pivot experts - You will have daily access to Zeit coaches in the Slack and have the ability to schedule a 1-hour, 1:1 session based on your availability at any point during the program.

How does the cohort work?


Cohorts are like a team! They are an intimate group of people you start the program with. Each cohort is a mix of people pursuing a new path, which provides a new network and built in emotional support. By the end of the program, your cohort feel like family. Like, some of our members are now going for walks and texting kinda friends. Don’t worry, you’ll also get to meet people from prior cohorts once you become a member.

Is everything remote?


Yes! We have weekly digital check-ins with your cohort over Zoom and our community currently lives on Slack so you can collect anytime. 

When is the next cohort?


We start cohorts every 8 weeks. If you can't join the October cohort please reserve a spot for our Winter 2021 cohort below. We’ll email you 2-3 weeks before the cohort opens up to set you up for enrollment. Sign up for the next one

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