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Our programs help career shifters by providing tactical transition playbooks, new networks, and expert advice.

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Go beyond the job description

Uncover the day to day reality behind specific roles and job descriptions by connecting with people who have experience.

Includes Mentor Masterclass sessions, digital events, and more.

Identify and position your transferable skills

Learn how to pitch your transferable skills and which skill gaps to prioritize.

Includes Transferable skills analysis, positioning workshops, and more.

Share the journey with other career pivoters

Instantly expand your network and ride the emotional journey with peers making a career transition.

Includes a peer cohort, bi-monthly networking events, and more.

Accelerate your career progression

Gain real-time feedback from career pivot experts, who help keep you moving efficiently through the process.

Includes 1x1 sessions, group sessions, and more

"Zeit's Transferable Skills Analysis is incredibly helpful. The whole experience is just so approachable. Zeit's secret sauce is empathy and knowing what it's like to pivot careers firsthand. They make you feel supported and ramp up quickly."

Clara, Zeit MemberPivoted from Project Management to Customer Success

I landed a new job! Zeit has been the resource to bridge the gap between Consulting and Customer Success. Access to the positioning resources, network, and peer community has been very beneficial. Cannot recommend Zeit enough for anyone looking to make the jump!

Sierra, Zeit Member
Pivoted from Management Consulting at Deloitte to Customer Success at Afterpay

"I recommend Zeit for anyone who is looking for a career pivot. The support of the community, masterclass sessions, and strategy templates make it easier to plan and manage your career! I will continue being a member of this community forever—to celebrate successes and overcome difficult moments together!"

Darren, Zeit Member
Pivoted from Customer Research to Product Marketing

“As I embarked on this roller coaster ride towards non-linear paths, Zeit provided me resources, connections, mentorship, and an amazing support system to set me up for success. I highly recommend Zeit to anyone looking to make the process of pivoting in your career a less painful and more joyful experience. ”

Andy, Zeit Member
Pivoted from Management Consulting at Deloitte to Customer Success at Afterpay

“It has been a long journey of trying to make this pivot into tech. I could not have done it without Zeit—the masterclasses truly helped instill a foundation of transferable skills that led me to where I am today.”

John, Zeit Member
Pivoted from Community Affairs Manager at NFP to Customer Success Manager at Yext

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