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Breaking into Edtech for Educators

Start Exploring Your Pivot Roles

We've create a tool just for educators to help them understand what roles are available to them by starting with identifying what skills you want to double down on

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We Believe EdTech Needs Educators

Why EdTech needs educators

  • You have good instincts and are natural problem solvers

  • You are true motivators and advocates for helping people suceed.

  • You are experts in using EdTech tools.

  • You are adaptable and know how to manage ambiguity.

  • You deeply understand the EdTech audience/users.

  • and many more...

We know your stuggling with...

What are my career path options?
What do those roles actually do?
How do I position my transferable skills?

Because this is what it looks like to pivot...

This is how we can help.
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Peer Cohort Program

Discovery Path Program

Gain clarity and momentum.

You are ready to make a career shift but not sure what options and pathways are available to you. When it comes to job descriptions you are confused and overwhelmed by the different roles and titles. While you are confident you have many transferable skills, you need help zeroing in on the role, company, and industry to shift into.

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