About Us

Collaborative, career path exploration

If you’ve got a lot of skills and don’t know where to grow next, you’re in the right place. We help modern professionals identify, discover and break into new paths, together.

If you are one of the 50M+ people looking to make a career shift, you’re in the majority. Ready for some #truth? Today’s professionals will have 15-20 jobs over their career, across new roles and industries. That means you are growing new skills and into new paths every few months. Non-linear career paths are the new norm.

The Problem

Career paths are jungle gyms, not ladders. Today’s job platforms and networks aren’t set up to support people with non-linear career paths. Most job boards focus on titles instead of skills and traits. Most networks focus on linear connections, based on role and industry, instead of new connections based on adjacent interests and skills.

My Story

As a 5x career switcher I’ve consistently struggled to answer the question, “What could I do next? How can I find a job that aligns with all my unique skills, talents, and interests?” Each time I set out to answer this question I found myself starting from scratch. I devoured blogs, magazines, and podcasts to learn about different roles and companies I didn’t know existed. I waded deep into Google search to research roles, companies, and people. I scoured LinkedIn to find people I wanted to be and piece a network together that I didn’t have.

Over the years, I’ve met and collected advice from 100+ friends, colleagues, mentors, and family who helped open my mind and open doors to new possibilities I hadn’t even thought about as an option.

While my network and asking a lot of questions helped me discover these roles, I realized that was only half the battle. Convincing these companies that I had transferable skills was the other half - and it was challenging. Eventually, I was able to convince them through storytelling and demonstrating how past experiences were transferable that I was more than my resume could convey.

Ambika Nigam, Founder & CEO of Zeit

Our toolkit

We believe career path navigation is a mix of art and science. The science is our approach to analyzing transferable skills, instead of roles and titles. The art is how we leverage the power of community and real stories to help people explore and pursue new paths, together. 

Here’s some more #truth. Diverse skill sets drive good business results. Careers are full of complex, messy, fun, twists and turns. We’re here to help you keep it straight. Come for the pivot, stay for the career revolution.