About Us

We're reimagining hiring.
Helping companies and candidates find the right fit, fast.

Zeit identifies high-intent, right-fit candidates, faster. We develop digital "day-in-the-life challenges" that enable candidates to try on a role before they apply. We recognize the hours, and potential bias, that goes into screening resumes and phone interviews to gauge fit. Our challenges help bring real scenarios to life to help both candidates and hiring teams find a fit.

The Problem

Recruiters and hiring teams receive an 200+ applicant resumes per role.  They spend hours sifting through the resumes and profiles to identify the right-fit candidates to move forward. The resumes are filled with bias, static, and not standardized. We're reducing the time to screen and hire through an unbiased process that focuses on assessing candidates based on the jobs to be done in that specific role.

Our team

Ambika Nigam, CEO Co-founder
Ambika has been building digital products for over a decade. She was most recently Head of Growth Products at Bloomberg Media where she oversaw mobile apps, connected devices, and launched an innovation lab. Prior to Bloomberg, Ambika led the Business Design practice in IDEO New York where she developed new offerings and incubated ventures for clients on the future of work and future of media. Ambika’s work has been featured in Fast Company, Fortune, and CBS’s 60 Minutes. Ambika started her career in finance and marketing. She graduated from The University of Michigan and has a Masters in Science in Communications from Columbia University. She lives on the Upper West Side with her husband and two daughters.

Christina Nizar, Co-founder
Christina has been creating digital products and experiences for over 15+ years. Her work spans startups, scale-ups, and innovation products. She mostly recently founded a consulting business, where she worked with companies and led teams to conceptualize and design new products for companies such as Spotify, Nike, New York Times, HBO, Target, and Daily Harvest. Prior to that she conceptualized, launched, and scaled The Line, an e-commerce/media company, defined and designed new offerings and ventures at IDEO NY.

Faren Alhman Zeit Career Coach & Recruiter, SHRM-SCP
Faren is a career coach and recruiter with 10+ years of experience hiring high-performing teams. She's worked for companies across multiple industries including sports, non-profits, edtech, startups, and more.

She believes that everyone has something unique to offer an employer - whether it be skills they already have or dreams they want to turn into reality. Over the last several years she has helped hundreds of individuals identify and secure their dream jobs as a career coach at Springboard and through her personal coaching business, Lovely Monday Careers.

Kelly Ling, Zeit Career & Leadership Coach
Kelly is an empathetic and action-oriented coach. She has earned the trust of professionals from fresh grad, to seasoned executive, startup founder to career switcher. Kelly currently works at DoorDash in Learning and Development. Who better to learn from than a leader in this space?! Her empathy and expertise for the Career Pivot stems from her own experience.

Her portfolio of prior employers include: Deloitte, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, Microsoft, McKesson, and Change Healthcare. Kelly has made over 5 pivots in her career here--from functions such as Financial Planning and Analysis, Startup Founder, General Management, Corporate Strategy and Planning, Corporate Innovation, Special Projects in the office of the CEO, and Organizational Change.