< Sprint 4: Attacking the Search

Step 2

Generating a List of Companies

We recommend spending 30 minutes on this section.

How do you start finding companies to even build a list? A lot of today's job boards are created by individuals. Leaders on Substack or part of small, niche communities. We're sharing some of our favorites below, in addition to the larger popular job boards:

Larger job boards
The best job board for start-ups, especially early stage start-ups

Largest job search engine out there, better for larger companies and enterprises

LinkedIn Jobs
Great way to also search for hiring managers and network connections tied to jobs you're interested in

Simply Hired
Good for start-up, freelance, and part-time roles

Boutique and curated job boards
Lenny Rachitsky's Job Board
A key focus on the best jobs in product, growth, design, engineering, and more fro start-ups

Marketing roles at early and growth stage start ups

Ali Rhode's Job Board
For Operations and Chief of Staff roles

Community organized job board for 600+ focused tech companies

Key Reflections

Does reviewing companies make you gut check your values?

Look back at your networking list, are there people that can help you identify more companies aligned with your values?