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Congratulations! You've just finished your third sprint.

Congratulations! You just completed your third sprint and you're well on your way to building a strong network. But this is only the beginning. As you continue your quest, you'll find that you're continually making new contacts and adding to your list. You should be reaching out and leveraging your network at every stage of the process.

Leverage our Slack group for resume and skill building

Use this worksheet to summarize and reflect on your insights from Sprint #3. Hop into your peer cohort Slack to share an insight and cheer each other on. Be prepared to share more during our next weekly check in

Try pinging the officehours slack channel for connections at specific companies you're interested in, or reach out for tips and informational interviews in different industries.  Or, feel free to offer intros to companies and individuals you think people in the community could benefit from

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