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Chapter 4

Peer Review (BONUS!)

We recommend spending 20 minutes on this section

Self reflection can sometimes be hard on your own. You don't have to go at it alone. Often times the best way to reflect is by receiving honest feedback from our peers.

Our friends, colleagues, old bosses and people we trust often notice things we can't see for our selves. Gathering insights and reflections from trusted people in your inner circle is a great way to remain objective as you move through your quest.

Our Peer Feedback form is designed to help you learn three things about yourself:


Identify skills, attributes and gaps you may have been missing during your personal skills reflection.


Reinforce and validate areas you are acutely aware of and need to focus on.


Prepare you for a journey of receiving feedback as you move through your quest.

Who should I share the Peer Feedback form with?
We recommend sharing the feedback form with 2-3 trusted people in your inner circle. They can be current co-workers, old colleagues, ex-bosses, close friends that know you. Choose people that you believe will be open and honest in their feedback. Save all your responses in a Google document in your Google Drive folder. We'll reflect on these throughout the program.

How do I share the form?
You will find a copy of the Peer Feedback form here. Please make a copy and save it to you personal Google Drive folder. We recommend sharing the form with your trusted peer network and have them email you their responses, or have them fill out the form directly. Here's a note you can copy and paste to ask them for feedback:


As you know, I am in the process of reflecting on making a career pivot. I would greatly appreciate your feedback to help me reflect on ways to grow as I approach this pivot. I have included a template here with a couple key questions. This should take roughly 20 minutes to complete and you can provide your responses by directly replying in this email. I would appreciate you being honest and open in your responses. I promise you won't hurt my feelings! Thank you so much, and I appreciate your time and thoughts.

Key Reflections

How did this feedback align with your Time Keep exercise responses? Did you learn something new about what you’re reflecting out in the world?

Are you surprised to hear about opportunity areas you should work on?

What does this mean for the growth mindset you are taking on?

What did this validate about your strengths, beliefs, and hopes as you approach this quest?

Use this as a reminder of how you come across in the world. What else do you need to dial up or dial down as you approach this quest?