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Authoritive Customer Success Associate

Applicable Roles

  • Customer Success

Est. Time

20 - 30 min.


In this challenge, you will experience what it's like to be a Customer Success Associate at edtech company, Authoritive. It is designed to better help you understand what the day-to-day looks like and set you up for success! You will use your knowledge of the company, real data, and customer profiles, to decide how to solve each scenario. Each scenario is made up of a problem, a data set, and a prompt you will respond to. Have fun!

Experience these core responsibilities:


Strategic Prioritization

Rank and prioritize a list of customers based on their profile and data


Identifying a Growth Opportunity

Analyze data to pinpoint which customer have growth opportunities


Identifying an Intervention Opportunity

Pinpoint which customers to proactively intervene with


Coaching a Creator

Guide a rising star creator

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You can only submit your answer once. (multiple-choice and open-ended). This challenge should take you approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, so find some focused time to site down.

When you complete it, your results will be consolidated and sent to the hiring manager at Authoritive.

Note: Use your laptop or desktop to take this challenge

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