< Sprint 4: Attacking the Search

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Congratulations! You've just finished your fourth sprint.

As you move through your quest, share updates with the slack group! It's a great place to check in with other people who are going through the same thing you are. Since we have experts from a huge variety of fields, also an excellent resource to start looking for informational interviews.

Leverage our Slack group for company discovery

Try pinging the officehours slack channel for connections at specific companies you're interested in, or reach out for tips and informational interviews in different industries. Or, feel free to offer intros to companies and individuals you think people in the community could benefit from.

Use this worksheet to capture your key reflections from Sprint #4. Check in with your peer cohort and feel free to share your company list to see if your friends have thoughts

A few resources found in this sprint:
- How to Approach Networking and Building a Company List Template