< Sprint 4: Attacking the Search

Step 4

Pinpointing Your Pivot Style

We recommend spending 20 minutes on this section.

It's important to keep in mind that both you and the company are looking for the right fit. Identifying a company's culture and values can sometimes be hard to sleuth out. Read as much as you can about the career you're trying to pivot into. Leverage your transferable skills analysis to identify the specific roles, companies, and titles that align with your eclectic skills. Here are some specific questions to ask yourself as you develop a list of companies and opportunities:

Key Reflections

After reflecting on your values and skills, what is your company bullseye? How can you use this as a north star during your quest?

What style of the role do you have an unfair advantage in based on your eclectic skill set?

Focus on that narrowing in on those conversations and companies.