< Sprint 1: Preparing to Pivot

Step 1

Shifting Your Mindset

We recommend spending 20 minutes on this section

The first and most important part of your job search is developing a growth mindset.

Some people have a fixed mindset: that means they see their intelligence and abilities as static. As a result, they tend to take failures much more personally, shy away from obstacles, and struggle to achieve their full potential. In contrast, people with growth mindsets understand that their abilities are constantly developing and expanding. Instead of looking at failure as a sign that they're not innately talented enough to succeed, they know that each setback comes with important lessons and new opportunities for growth.

We're not going to sugar-coat it: changing careers is hard. You'll probably face a lot of rejection before you land that dream job. But approach the process with a growth mindset will help you turn those challenges into steps on your path to success.

Here's a graphic that lays it all out:

So, what can you do to develop a growth mindset for your quest? One great way to start is by watching the first 15 minutes of this video by executive coach Arielle Shnaidman. Arielle talks about what it really means to find your dream job, what you can bring to the table, starting by how to get into "quest" vs "job search" mindset. Check it out below.

Key Reflections

What is your B+ ? What is the overarching outcome you are hoping to achieve with this career pivot (e.g. personal fulfillment, growth, status, etc)?

What would it look and feel like to perfectly achieve this outcome (e.g. visualize the moment here)?

What are the 1-3 fears or beliefs currently holding you back from achieving this outcome (e.g. friends, money, insecurity, etc.)?