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Step 2

Skills Reflection

We recommend spending 20 minutes on this section

Now that you're developing a growth mindset, let's reflect on ways to grow. The first step here is to reflect on what is working today to crystalize what you want to take with you and what to leave behind in this quest.

This worksheet will help you identify how you want to spend your time to optimize your personal happiness and professional development.

Make sure you save a blank copy of the worksheet! .

How do I complete the worksheet?

You will find a blank copy of the Skills Reflection worksheet here. Please be sure to make a copy and save in your personal Google Drive folder.

Add your comments directly in each box and save it for your records.

After you're done, keep it handy – you'll be consulting it later during our check in.

Key Reflections

Look back on your responses, circle the 3 things that felt most surprising? These can be good or bad.

Of the things that you want to STOP doing, what can you immediately cut out?

Of the things that you want to START doing more of, what can you immediately ramp up?

Do you have time to START doing one thing that you haven’t had time for yet?