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Pivoting from Psychology to Data Analytics with Aysu Farbriaz of Squarespace

Aysu discovered her love of data while earning her PhD in cognitive psychology at Yale. After leaving academia, she pivoted into the world of startups.

How to pivot into User Research with Benjamin Gadbaw at Figma

Benjamin started his career as a graphic designer and marketer for both private sector and non-profit clients. After earning an MFA in interaction design, he realized that his real passion was creating smooth user experiences, which motivated his pivot into UX research.

Exploring Roles In Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Mita Mallick of Carta

​Are you looking to break into the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion space? DEI roles are one of today’s fastest-growing roles.

Pivoting from Finance to Customer Success with Ambalika Sudan from Google

When Ambalika graduated from Columbia with a degree in economics, she was all set to start her career in finance with a job at Morgan Stanley. But when the 2008 financial crisis hit just a year later, she knew it was time to switch industries.

Breaking into Product Marketing with Claisian Phillips of Disney

Claisian Phillips started her career as a graphic designer, but quickly realized that she loved the combination of analytic challenges and creativity that went into Product Marketing. After working in marketing for a wide variety of industries, from garments and cars to the 2014 Winter Olympics, she made the pivot into tech.

Career Pivot? Try LIFE Pivot!

I always loved writing. As a child, I wrote plays, poems and short stories. However, I did not really think about it as a career path—it was too much fun!

Pivoting from Finance to Product Operations with Shradha Kothari at Twilio

In Product Operations, you're building on the technicalities of how things work. You get to learn more about how engineering works and how the product really operates. Then it’s about using your generalist skills to figure out how to make it more efficient. 

How to Make an Internal Career Pivot at your Current Company

So why such a big focus on pivoting internally? Because it’s a really great way to test out a new role without having to make such a major career and life change.

What is Community Management and is it For You?

Although many bad things have come out of the pandemic, one silver lining is that companies are recognizing that the only way to be truly successful is to lead with a community-first mentality. This newfound appreciation of community is leading to an increased interest in ​Community Management for both employers and employees.

The Importance of Soft Skills & Talking About Them During Job Interviews

When looking at a job description, it’s easy to have tunnel vision. Often, the hard skills jump out and steal our focus. While there’s value in leveraging your hard skills during a job search, there’s just as much value to be found with soft skills. 

How to Choose Your Niche

So how can you choose which areas to focus on? Finding your career focus can be hard. Keep reading to learn how to choose your niche as a freelancer or career pivoter.

What is Product Management and is it For Me?

There is a lot of interest in Product Management roles right now. Because Product Management roles cover many different areas and skills, people may idealize this position without realizing what it really entails.

The Journey from Finance to Teaching to Product Management with Ethan Harry from Google

Ready to make a career shift? Keep reading to learn how Ethan Harry from Google pivoted from finance to teaching to product management.

The Importance of Finding Your Transferable Skills in a Job Description

So how can you prove that you’re capable of making a switch? And more importantly, how can you tell a job is the right fit for you? By leveraging your transferable skills.

Recap: Breaking Into & Navigating a Career in Fintech

Zeit and FinTech Today came together to host a conversation between some major players in the Fintech space about how to break into this hot industry and build out a career path.

5 Not-So-Scary Ways to Actually Start Your Career Pivot Today

These first steps are easy to take and will help you rip off the Band-Aid so to speak. Once you get things rolling, it will be easier to dive fully into your pivot

Fintech Lingo You Need to Know Before You Pivot

If you’re looking to pivot into the fintech industry, you need to be able to talk the talk. Whether you’re transitioning from a role in financial services or have never worked in the financial industry before, being able to keep up with all of the lingo that flies around fintech companies will help you feel more confident.

Professional Mind Organizer Leah Feuer on Finding Your Career Pivot Direction

Leah Feuer is a professional mind organizer (aka coach) and artist. She offers empathetic, no-bullshit coaching to entrepreneurs, creatives, and clarity seekers.

How to Break into Content Strategy with Katie Del Angel from Shopify

Katie is a brilliant Content Strategy leader with a background in marketing, copywriting and recently pivoted from CS to Product Design.

What Style of Product Marketing Management is Right for Me?

An open conversation with three great product marketers to breakdown the different styles of PMM, and learn about their own pivots into Product Marketing Management.

Exploring Product Adjacent Roles that aren't Product Management

An open conversation with three recent career pivoters that transitioned into product adjacent roles in Product Operations.

How to Break into Product Operations With Alana Levy from Flatiron Health

Alana Levy is a skilled Product Operations Manager who pivoted into Ops from an eclectic background in sales and business development.

How to Pivot into Product Marketing with Rona at TikTok

Rona is a skilled Product Marketing Manager that pivoted into the industry from an eclectic background in Account Management at an advertising agency.

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