< Sprint 2: Building The Perfect Pivot Narrative

Step 2

Working with your Transferable Skills

We recommend spending 20 minutes on this section

The most important part of building a pivot resume is telling the right story.

Your story is all about your transferable skills: how can your past experience help you shine in your dream career? In the last sprint, we asked you to start thinking about what those transferable skills might be. Now, it's time to start digging into those skills in depth.

If you didn't complete Sprint #1: Preparing to Pivot, that's ok! (We do recommend it, though). The transferable skills analysis is found in your Google Drive. Take a few minutes to review it, and then come back to this exercise.

How do I use my tranferrable skills analysis?


Pull up your transferrable skills analysis.
As you look through it, circle the three to five skills you feel most confident and excited about.  


Do the opposite and look at your skill gaps.  


Pick out one or two that you feel especially insecure about, and start brainstorming ideas for how to address them. You don't have to come up with anything definitive right now – the point of this exercise is just to get you thinking.

Key Reflections

How do the skills you feel confident about align with the things you want to do more of from your Time Keep exercise?

What can you start doing to feel more confident about your top 3 skill gap areas?