Product Manager

Role Focus

This role is for people obsessed with solving problems and shipping products with cross-functional teams.

What Does This Role Do?

A product manager is responsible for ensuring product development, providing the best marketing strategies, and effectively handling the sales and marketing team. Product managers' duties include monitoring the market trends and conditions, identifying business opportunities and plan initiatives, and collaborating the product launch process with the appropriate departments. A product manager is also responsible for generating ideas on improving product features, determining timetables and reasonable pricing, and analyzing product sales. A product manager must have excellent strategic and decision-making skills to contribute to its growth and profitability.

Core Skills

Project Management, Influential relationship building skills, Relationship Management skills, Product Execution, Measuring project efficiency

Transferable skills

Teacher: Strong ability to multitask and manage multiple stakeholders

Specialist: In depth subject matter expertise or power users of certain programs and services

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