Project Manager

Role Focus

This role covers everything from organizing and forecasting resources to meet project needs. The goal is to organize information for project stakeholders in order to maintain momentum, align stakeholders, and hit deadlines.

What Does This Role Do?

A program manager coordinates several projects, making sure their timing and goals align and benefit the overall enterprise. Project managers usually oversee the daily operations of a single project but depending on the individual structure of a business, a project manager might take on the role of a program manager as well. Program managers focus on the bigger picture and are entrusted with developing long term goals for the future development of the organization. Managing budgets, planning, and writing proposals for funding applications are some of their many duties.

Core Skills

Influential relationship building skills, Relationship Management skills, Product Execution, Measuring project efficiency

Transferable skills

Teacher - Strong ability to multitask and manage multiple stakeholders

Specialist -Extremely resourceful and adept at juggling competing priorities and working across different stakeholder groups

Project Coordinator -High degree of organization and time management

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