Head of Strategy

Role Focus

This role is about understanding the competitive landscape and leveraging business acumen to identify opportunities for new product lines and growth opportunities. The goal is to develop long-term strategic plans for existing and future product/solution lines.

What Does This Role Do?

A Head of strategy is responsible for delegating and reviewing market target research and assessing the areas that a company should focus on for further development. The position requires strong management and leadership skills to supervise a team of customer research specialists. Other essential skills that a vice president of strategy should possess to accomplish his or her responsibilities include knowledge of computer analytic software and data visualization and excellent communication skills.

Core Skills

Strong leadership, Excellent presentation skills, Business acumen, Market research sensibilities, Highly analytical, Motivator, Product sensibilities

Transferable skills

Administrator: Oversight of budget, financial systems and establishing and executing policies and plans across institutions

Professor: Ability to spot opportunities for innovative products and services that breakthrough in consumer adoption

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