Educator Superpower Skills

Strategic Visionary and Business Leader

I am passionate about motivating people and teams to get aligned around a strategy and help them bring that strategy to life by effectively coaching and guiding them through the process

Explore some pivot roles that may be a natural fit:

Head of Strategy

This role is about understanding the competitive landscape and leveraging business acumen to identify opportunities for new product lines and growth opportunities. The goal is to develop long-term strategic plans for existing and future product/solution lines.

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Chief of Staff

This role is essentially proxy to the CEO (or whichever Executive you are COS to). Your hours and responsibilities will mirror an Executives--you will arm executives with critical information for meetings and business decisions. The goal is to be the jack of all trades for executives.

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Program Operations Manager

This role is about solving fun and challenging organizational and workflow problems as it relates to the pre and post implementation of a product, program, or service. The goal is to improve efficiency and develop systems and processes that scale across the company.

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