Learning Consultant

Role Focus

This role is about working with external partners to identify and customize learning models based on specific needs. The goal is to build strong relationships by positioning the products in the most relevant manner.

What Does This Role Do?

Learning consultants are professionals who act as a link between companies, their corporate training products, and their audience. Their typical job includes providing support during and after the sales process, participating in conference calls, meetings, and product demonstrations, and assisting with the implementation of a learning management system (LMS). A learning consultant is also responsible for making course recommendations based on the client's goals and needs and evaluating the effectiveness of training programs, along with suggesting improvements.

Core Skills

Relationship management skills, Excellent presentation skills and presence, Strong marketing positioning skills, strong curiosity of competitive landscape

Transferable skills

Teacher - Steeped in identifying, building, and delivering bespoke lessons plans

Advisor - Strong relationship management skills and ability to effectively position products and services to various stakeholders

Specialist - Steeped in identifying, building, and delivering bespoke lessons plans

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