Educator Superpower Skills

Pattern Finder and Design Thinker

I am motivated by observing people or analyzing data to understand what makes them tick! I like uncovering unmet needs, major paints, and surfacing interesting behavioral patterns. I like to distill these insights into findings and recommendations that can inform a product, strategy, or vision.

Explore some pivot roles that may be a natural fit:

Learning Consultant

This role is about working with external partners to identify and customize learning models based on specific needs. The goal is to build strong relationships by positioning the products in the most relevant manner.

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UX Researcher

This role is about having deep empathy for people and using qualitative and quantitative methods to uncover their needs and pain points. The goal is to surface patterns and insights and influence a product or strategy.

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Community Manager

This role is for a people person who loves building organic connections and working directly with end-users, you’d make an ideal community manager.

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