UX Researcher

Role Focus

This role is about having deep empathy for people and using qualitative and quantitative methods to uncover their needs and pain points. The goal is to surface patterns and insights and influence a product or strategy.

What Does This Role Do?

A user experience (UX) researcher is a professional who is responsible for analyzing actual consumer behavior and needs to design products and services that may have an impact on business companies. User experience researchers provide informed insights and then work with product managers to turn these insights into consumer-centric results that resonate with customers. They are required to conduct in-depth and advanced research both in qualitative and quantitative methods to identify user needs and goals and provide recommendations for improvement. User experience researchers are also required to participate in the recruitment activities for user research.

Core Skills

Ethnographic research, observational research, 1:1 interviews, Surveys, Data analysis, storytelling, Excellent written and oral presentation skills

Transferable skills

Teacher: Strong user empathy for students and parents, and expert in observational research and insights

Specialist: Strong user empathy for students, teachers, parents, and expert in observational research and insights

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