Account Executive

Role Focus

This role is about being adept at building relationships, and a wizard at maintaining them: you're used to serving as the long-term liaison and trusted confidant of your clients. You know how to delight customers by proactively answering their questions, solving their problems, and otherwise seeing to their needs.

What Does This Role Do?

An account executive is responsible for supporting existing clients, closing client deals, and developing sales strategies to increase the company's sales and satisfaction. An account executive must be competitive enough to keep up with the constant changes in the sales industry, including the high demands of digital marketing, a different approach to product advertising, effective negotiation, and presentation skills. An account executive also requires excellent communication skills for the successful acquisition of client accounts and immediately resolve possible complaints as they arise.

Core Skills

Relationship management, Ability to hit sales and revenue targets, Business minded, Analytical, A strong motivator, Excellent relationship management building skills

Transferable skills

Project Coordinator: Strong cross-functional skills and ability to organize and deliver systems that enable people to adopt programs or services

Advisor: Excellent relationship building skills that lead to successful adoption of a service or program

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