Educator Superpower Skills

Master Negotiator and Convincer

I am incredibly adept at convincing people of the benefits of a product or service. I am passionate about finding bespoke methods, materials, and modes of communication to convince people to make a purchase, and ultimately drive business results

Explore some pivot roles that may be a natural fit:

Sales or Business Development Manager

This role is about managing a team and helping develop a sign a pipeline of customers. The goal is motivate a team to hit quarterly revenue targets.

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Customer Success Manager

This role is for people who have deep love for a product or service, and love working with customers to help them get the very most out of it.

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Account Executive

This role is about being adept at building relationships, and a wizard at maintaining them: you're used to serving as the long-term liaison and trusted confidant of your clients. You know how to delight customers by proactively answering their questions, solving their problems, and otherwise seeing to their needs.

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Product Manager

This role is for people obsessed with solving problems and shipping products with cross-functional teams.

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