Customer Success Manager

Role Focus

This role is for people who have deep love for a product or service, and love working with customers to help them get the very most out of it.

What Does This Role Do?

A customer success manager works to understand repeat customers and prioritize their long-term needs. Primarily, they manage the customer relationship and give them prompt value propositions. They act as mentors to customers by educating them about the sales process and ensure efficient transaction processing. Their tasks include advocating for the company, onboarding customers to the products, follow-up on renewals, and encouraging cross-sells and upsells. Additionally, they build relationships with the customer and the support team as well as advocating customers' needs.

Core Skills

Relationship management, Product Sensibilities, Project Management skills and software tracking, Conflict resolution, Data and Analytics tracking

Transferable skills

Teacher: Strong cross-functional collaboration skills with teachers, parents, administrators and successful adoption of lesson plans with students

Project Coordinator: Strong cross-functional skills and ability to organize and deliver systems that enable people to adopt programs or services

Advisor: Excellent relationship building skills that lead to successful adoption of a service or program

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