Educator Superpower Skills

Relationship Extraordinaire

I love being the go-to liason that understands how to effectively facilitate and manage complex, cross-functional relationships to ensure every person has the right information to be successful in their role and with adopting a specific product or service.

Explore some pivot roles that may be a natural fit:

Chief of Staff

This role is essentially proxy to the CEO (or whichever Executive you are COS to). Your hours and responsibilities will mirror an Executives--you will arm executives with critical information for meetings and business decisions. The goal is to be the jack of all trades for executives.

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Customer Success Manager

This role is for people who have deep love for a product or service, and love working with customers to help them get the very most out of it.

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Sales or Business Development Manager

This role is about managing a team and helping develop a sign a pipeline of customers. The goal is motivate a team to hit quarterly revenue targets.

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Account Executive

This role is about being adept at building relationships, and a wizard at maintaining them: you're used to serving as the long-term liaison and trusted confidant of your clients. You know how to delight customers by proactively answering their questions, solving their problems, and otherwise seeing to their needs.

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Project Manager

This role covers everything from organizing and forecasting resources to meet project needs. The goal is to organize information for project stakeholders in order to maintain momentum, align stakeholders, and hit deadlines.

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