Sales or Business Development Manager

Role Focus

This role is about managing a team and helping develop a sign a pipeline of customers. The goal is motivate a team to hit quarterly revenue targets.

What Does This Role Do?

A business development manager's duties include identifying business opportunities, developing effective models and strategies to improve business performance, searching for potential clients to generate income and attract partnerships. A business development manager must have extensive knowledge of the market trends and adjust strategies as needed to meet the needs of the client. Excellent communication, decision-making, critical thinking, and leadership skills are just some of the key factors that business development managers should possess to communicate and negotiate with the clients.

Core Skills

Experience leading teams, Ability to hit sales and revenue targets, Business minded, Analytical, A strong motivator, Excellent relationship management building skills

Transferable skills

Administrator: Oversight of budget, financial systems and effectively working with external partners, agencies, and vendors to negotiate purchases.

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